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The Necrotic Plague: Unholy and Frost Viability

Hello everyone, the names Kronedog and I’ve recently switched to wordpress from blogger so bare with me for a little since I have plenty of work to do here. Here’s my latest blog from my last domain http://www.thekronedog.blogspot.com

Unholy and Frost Viability

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kronedog brings you The Necrotic Plague where the focus is Death Knight’s in current content. Always bringing you the latest DK updates, tips, and other DK related topics. 

Okay, so our two specs that we’ll be looking at are Frost and Unholy. Both currently in Season 10 are viable for both Arena and Rated Battlegrounds. Although one spec may be better in one area while the other suffers and vice verse. I’ll explain why.



  • Awesome burst damage
  • Consistent high damage
  • Good Crowd Control (especially aoe)
  • Able to spec either 2h or dw


  • Not the best mobility
  • You will be kited!
  • Once your trinket is popped, you don’t have a whole lot else to avoid cc’s (this is most prominent in 2s currently w/o a healer dispelling that shit)

I do have reasoning behind the above bullets and it comes down to this. Frost is a high damage melee dps spec, enough said. If you aren’t being cc’d and you’re putting damage out, you’ll shine as Frost. Proper CD usage comes into play as well for this spec. Spells like Hungering Cold, AMS, IBF, and Strangulate should be used smartly depending on the situation. Situation awareness is always huge in PVP. With that being said, Frost is the easier of the two dps specs mainly because you’re only attacking with a few spells. Ex: FS, FS, FS, NS, NS, NS, HB, repeat… use blood tap and/or empower rune weapon to get empty runes back up in needs of burst damage or survivability. One thing I always recommend to anyone playing a DK in pvp is do not forget about Lichborne heal!



  • Good mobility
  • Good survivability
  • Able to kite as a melee dps
  • Healers can’t dispell your dots (unholy blight)
  • Sustained damage


  • Not as much burst as Frost
  • Less Crowd Control
  • Pet can be hard to learn properly

Unholy does have a lot of pro’s to it compared to Frost but it’s not always the best choice. Unholy does very well in 2s or 1 vs 1 situations. An Unholy DK has the ability to kite others (especially other melee classes) with Death Coil while your pet stays on the target smacking his face open. Your goal should be to get Dark Transformation out on your focus target pretty fast. You still want to put as much damage as you can at all times but be aware Unholy does well at surviving. AMS and AMZ will become good friends of yours.

So which spec is better?

The answer is simple. Neither. Each spec has their own strengths and also their own weaknesses. I would honestly like to see improvements for DK’s because yes we’re still good, we’re no longer as good as we used to be, at least in the Arena. RLS and RMP will typically destroy any kind of DK comp at higher ratings. That’s just from my own experience though. I’m not saying DK’s are bad and can’t be at Gladiator level, it’s just an overall observation that it’s a much rarer occurrence.

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