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Excuses Excuses…

Hey whats up guys, this is Kronedog and I just wanted to say for the few that have waited for my new article I apologize for it being delayed. I’m actually only about halfway done with it but because of WoW’s official launch with their new talent calculator, I’m going to be adding more. My reasons for this being delayed is because of a few reasons. One, I’ve just begun blogging and I told myself I’ve post 3 blogs a week about Death Knight’s and I’ve failed to do that within the first week. FAIL. Yeah, well it’s also Thanksgiving and I also work black friday and the entire weekend at my irl job. I forgot about the craziness of the holidays and that kind of messed me up a bit. So I’ll be posting the article on Monday. The beginning of a new week and then I’ll keep going from there.

Oh and I’ve also been playing a lot of WoW… yeah… well I’ve recently realm transferred my DK over to Tichondrius-US and so far it’s been a blast. I was able to conquest cap for the second time this week because of the changes 😛 I’m honestly just excited for the new season to begin. I’m ready for RBG’s, new Arena comps, and overall just going all out with the final season (as we know now) of this expansion. I’ve also decided I’m going to mess around a bit with the new LFR tool and of course I’ll be running the new dungeons. I’ve already tested them all out prior on the PTR and I enjoy them for the most part. Then again, I’m not really  PVE kind of guy. Well, once again, sorry for the delay guys.

In a way I’m making it up. I caught footage on my DK in some WSG and I’m going to be posting the video tonight on youtube so once it’s up I’ll embed the video here. Hope you enjoy it 😀

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