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The Necrotic Plague: How Blood Currently Stands

For I am a gracious God, here’s an article to make up for not having the talent build article up 😀

(Will be uploading YouTube Video tonight as well)

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kronedog brings you The Necrotic Plague where the focus is Death Knight’s in current content. Always bringing you the latest DK updates, tips, and other DK related topics. 
Blood Death Knight PVP


  • Some of the best survivability in the game
  • Good Flag Carrying spec
  • A lot of room for error
  • It’s fun when you will not die
  • Low damage
  • Limited mobility (similar to frost)
  • Stupid in 3s
Overall playing Blood PVP is extremely easy and I wouldn’t say takes a great amount of skill. It’s even easier if you’re used to playing either unholy or frost. Things to keep in mind include your Mastery: Blood Shield and Death Strike. I feel like I don’t even really need to explain how these two work together. If you’re being pressured and everything else is on CD, pop either Blood Tap or Empower Rune Weapon and spam DS. If you have even a decent amount of mastery, expect to see your health start climbing back up. Unless of course you’re being extremely focused by the opposing team. I’m going to keep repeating myself saying, staying alive shouldn’t be the problem if you’re having any as blood. The problem lies in putting out enough damage.
One thing you can do, and I’ve seen it to be successful in BG’s and that is, you can put more pressure out than you probably think. Since blood is so good at taking a beating while still dishing out dmg, don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage. What I do when I see a huge clump of people fighting mid BG (typically  WSG) I run right into the thick of the fight and start putting pressure on everyone I possibly can. Tab target through different targets and you’ll begin to get the attention of others. It’s like, gathering real aggro from other players 😀 This allows your dps to put out more damage if you’re the one being primarily focused.
Getting Disarmed as Blood
As I always mention, situational awareness is huge in PVP. Sometimes it’s hard not to tunnel vision especially when you’re so close to that kill. I say this mainly because one of the worst types of CC for a blood dk is being disarmed. This is one thing even a decent rogue knows, and they’ll use it to their advantage. When you’re disarmed you can’t DS. Not Death Striking can be bad for you because now you’re in a vulnerable position where your blood shield will probably fall off, and the constant self healing is gone from DS.
If it’s a Rogue whos’ on your ass and your low on health, I recommend using Rune Tap asap if not on CD, getting bone shield up, popping Vampiric Blood, and Lichborne healing.
For Lichborne healing use this macro:
#showtooltip Lichborne
/cast !Lichborne;
/cast [target=player] Death Coil
Theres’s definitely a lot of ways to survive and out live your opponent. I’m not going to say theres one right way to play a Blood DK, but I do advise to reconsider making this your main spec if you plan on getting into  higher level Arena’s. RBG’s can be different depending on who’s the most qualified for FC (usually a warrior will take your place in an RBG if possible.)
Myself? Well I currently do have a Blood spec and I don’t use it as much for PVP as I used to. While I do like not dying once for entire BG’s, I enjoy a challenge. Blood DK does not feel challenging at all imo. It will also piss off other people a lot. When I first made a Blood PVP spec I had no idea what I was doing and I manged to take down an Elite geared rogue in a duel. I survived because of Death Strike =D I prefer using my Blood spec as of late to run through normal Cataclysm and heroic Wrath dungeons for achievements, mounts, and gold. That’s about it really.
Thanks for reading guys. I also want to state that I will not be able to post a blog 7 days a week. That’s a bit much so I am now on a new set schedule. There will now be a new blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning.
Wednesday I’ll be talking about the Death Knight talent system in the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria and how it “should” affect pvp.
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