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Thoughts on Black Friday 2011

Black Friday, the most obnoxious unofficial holiday evah!

At least one a week on no set date, Kronedog blogs/rants about random IRL issues. Topics can cover any range of criteria as long as it’s non gaming related. 

Okay so, black Friday is pretty much about done now. What a crazy day its been, especially after a full nights worth of Turkey. I had work at 5 am and as I was walking up to the store, there was people camped outside the door in blankets just freezing their asses off in the cold. First thought that came to mind was “oh god, here we go.”

To be honest, today was the first black friday I’ve ever experienced. My entire life, every year I typically sleep on this day and am grateful I’m not at the mall with the crazies 😛 Black Friday might as well be an official holiday. A holiday where every person in retail in this country has to work their asses off and get bombarded by like I said, crazies. Now, I’m not saying everyone who shops on black friday is crazy but I mean c’mon, I’ve got a point. People freak out about this day plain and simple.

So, with the day coming to an end, all I’ve got to say was it was quite the experience. I’m wiped and am so glad that I’ve got another year until doing that again.


sidenote: Yes, I’m still working on the upcoming DK talent system. I had to change the format of the article due to Blizzard releasing their talent calculator on their website: worldofwarcraft.com. The article will be up Monday guys. Monday.

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