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The Necrotic Plague: Talent Speculation Overview of MoP

Here’s the delayed article on Death Knight Talents in the upcoming expansion: Mists of Pandaria.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kronedog brings you The Necrotic Plague where the focus is Death Knight’s in current content. Always bringing you the latest DK updates, tips, and other DK related topics. 

Okay, first things first. This is the build I have created that we will be discussing for today: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/feature/talent-calculator#dZ!202021

So basically as you probably already know, the entire talent system has been revamped for Mists of Pandaria. Blizzard is trying something quite a bit different to really change up the uniqueness of classes. Their supposed goal is to eliminate cookie cutter builds that we all pretty much use nowadays. Theirs no flavor to the classes. For example, you join an RBG. You’re expected to have certain talents or you could be kicked for being “a crap player.” This does happen, people want the best so they look at what the top rated players are doing and mimic that. Of course, theory crafting goes into this as well.

Level 15

At level 15 we’re given our first three abilities to choose from. I chose outbreak because I feel personally the most effective for quickly applying your diseases and saving runes while at it. My second choice would have been Corpse Explosion because that extra damage in an Arena I feel could come in handy. Roiling Blood seems like the least valuable choice for this tier, pvp wise. Although on the contrary, RB is basically DK’s new ability that is similar to a Warriors Blood and Thunder Talent. A great way to spread your diseases with ease.

Level 30

Our second tier is a survival tier. This was an extremely hard choice for me since all 3 can be used in a varying degree of positive ways. Lets first look at Lichborne. This is currently a spell that most Unholy and Frost DK’s pick up for the LB healing associated with it. With full runic power, you can get up to 50k + health back which is pretty considerable since it can be spammed.

The second spell is Anti-Magic Zone, previously an Unholy only talent. Now any DK can pick up this spell which has proven to be extremely useful in the arena. Lastly we have Bone Shield which is basically a protect you more kind of spell. Definitely a spell I’d recommend picking up if you’re either Flag Carrying or Tanking.

For me, I chose Lichborne because I like having the extra cd to break out of Fears effects and the healing has saved me more than once. I trust Lichborne.

Level 45

At level 45, we get the opportunity to pick up a very useful Crowd Control effect. Again, this is another hard choice, which was Blizzard’s design behind this new system and I can clearly see why. I chose Asphyxiate because one, it’s a new cool spell (which hopefully looks as good as it sounds,) and two, DK’s don’t have a whole lot of CC’s like this that can be used more specifically in a PVP scenario. One drawback is it does replace Strangulate but look at it as a better silence/stun. Our other choices are Chilblains and Death’s Advance. Both are very useful in a lot of ways and I’d like to say it comes down to personal choice when making this decision. Of course, testing out everything is where we’ll know for sure. Soon enough…

Level 60

The healing tier, well basically. Death Siphon is our new spell available and it’s actually not bad. For the cost of one death rune you can not only do good damage but heal yourself for 75% of the damage dealt. It’s definitely in a lot of ways a second Death Strike. Our other choices are spells we’re familiar with. I chose Death Pact but I will definitely be testing out Death Siphon and Vampiric Blood as a DPS in the MoP beta.

Level 75

Finally, a way we can regenerate runes in a more favorable fashion. What I’m talking about is, we can now get rid of Blood Tap and replace it with something easier and probably better to manage. I chose Runic Corruption over Runic Empowerment. My reasons for the choice include, the ability to do serious burst damage with your runes increased 100% regeneration. You could spam Frost Strike and Chains of Ice like theirs no tomorrow. All 3 choices are viable in my opinion, so choose wisely on this tier.

Level 90

Let’s be honest here, Death Knight’s got it good for their final tier at level 90 which is also the new level cap of Mists of Pandaria. They’re all strong CC’s that is going to change the way people fight DK’S in some aspects. For a purely PVP standpoint, I chose Remorseless Winter with Desecrated Ground being a close second. I’ll still have to experiment with all three of these new spells but for now, an aoe movement reduction, with a very potential 6 second stun seems very promising. Desecrated Ground could also be just as good in many situations, especially Arena if the DK just cannot be CC’d. Of course their is also Gorefiends Grasp which is another way to control players in a similar fashion to Death Grip. This spell could be very powerful if executed properly.

So there is your new talents fellow Death Knight’s. I recommend going to World of Warcraft’s website and put together your own build if you haven’t already. The best way to learn more is to experiment yourself. Thanks for reading.

~Kronedog out

On a sidenote: 

I just want to address how the blog has fared the first week. I have gotten multiple positive comments from others around, and I plan to keep blogging on time and post about current content, pvp related articles, and more.  I also have been putting together ideas for my YouTube channel and some better quality videos will be uploaded soon. Here’s what I have in store, and my goal is to have all this going strong by the end of January 2012. The holidays are slowing me down a bit, sorry 😦

I plan to continue this blog a minimum of 4 articles a week with the Necrotic Plague, and a new series I haven’t released to the public yet. I’m also trying to see if I can get a guest writer program set up, but that will be more likely once I have the domain name: thekronedog.com which will become this blog’s new home page URL. 

On top of blogging, I’ll also continue to post at least 1 WoW video a week on YouTube (mostly my DK in Arenas/RBG’s) and other games as well in the near future. Even on top of that, expect to see me live streaming more often on my Twitch.TV channel. I want to stream gameplay on a set schedule like I do for this blog. So, a lot of stuff coming soon. Thanks again. 

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