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The Necrotic Plague: Gearing up for Dragon Soul

The Necrotic Plague

Gearing up for Dragon Soul

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kronedog brings you The Necrotic Plague where the focus is Death Knight’s in current content. Always bringing you the latest DK updates, tips, and other DK related topics. 

Overview of what you need to know for Dragon Soul

Without having to say much, I’m sure most in the Warcraft community has been enjoying patch 4.3 as it was just released three days ago. As always with any major patch, it’s time to gear up yet again. We’re going to look at the best options to gear up as fast as possible to raid. Gearing up is one thing, learning the fights and executing it properly is another. For the best in depth raid guides I recommend Learn2Raid. The guys from Vodka there will show you how it’s done. Below, I’ve listed the different routes you can take to gear up. All routes are viable.

Route 1 – New Dungeons and Valor/JP

The first route is probably the easiest way to gear up for Dragon Soul and also the most fun in my opinion. There’s no secret, just keep running the new 4.3 dungeons, Hour of Twilight, The Well of Eternity, and End Time. These dungeons drop ilvl 378 gear. Get as much of this gear as possible. You can also save your valor every week and purchase nice pieces such as the Visage of Petrification which is 397 ilvl! Since you can keep spamming random dungeons all day, this is a relatively quick way to gear up to 378 average ilvl if you’re not already higher.

Route 2 – Dragon Soul Raid (LFR)

Next up is the raid itself! The LFR system is Blizzard’s new tool that players can use to que for raids in a similar fashion to the LFD tool. With LFR being the lowest tier of the raid gear, it’s still good gear to get yourself into before attempting a full clear on Normal DS. Tier items drop as well in the LFR system, although like I’ve already stated, the stats won’t be as good the normal tier piece. So why still get it? Well, it’s an extremely easy way to still get set bonuses. I personally believe they’ve simplified getting gear even more so from the past. It’s pretty obvious the casual player was taken into major account when designing this patch. That is a good thing though! If you’re too l33t for LFR of if you’re “hardcore” the normal version is still very challenging (also because the encounters are new) and we’ll see very shortly what the Heroic modes are going to be like on live.

The time is now!

Gear to look for when running the new dungeons (frost/unholy DK’s)



And then?

Okay, so all the gear above is suggestive and I reccommend trying to get these asap if you’re running dungeons. Please keep in mind these are not “Best in Slot” items for DK’s but more along the lines of a starter set to get you going for Dragon Soul LFR and Normal modes. I’ll be writing a follow up article to this one on Monday that talks more directly about the Dragon Soul encounter. Thank you for reading and subscribe to this blog for the latest in the world of DK’s.

The Necrotic Plague in the next few weeks is going to be focusing on both PVE and PVP in patch 4.3 with Dragon Soul encounters and your role as a Death Knight. I’ll be discussing all 8 encounters over the month of December and I may push them out more frequently then just Mon/Wed/Fri because of the rush of conent we just received. 😀

I do want to announce that the Blog is in a sort of construction stage at the moment. As you can see, there is new tabs to new pages! I’m currently writing Death Knight guides from a PVE and also PVP perspective. On top of that, the works of a weekly podcast is underway! I’ll be giving more details about it in tomorrow mornings article “From what I’ve Gathered.”


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