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Enlighten Me: Visits from the Paranormal

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Visits from the Paranormal

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Really… ghosts?

Yes really, and I’m bringing up this topic for a reason, mainly because I got into an argument about whether or not ghosts/spirits exist. Most of the time it’s either you believe or don’t believe. Although, how does a skeptic turn into a believer? It’s hard to believe something as ridiculous as ghosts but how can you explain actual encounters with the paranormal? From what I do know, most believers have had this contact with an unexplained entity, and I fall into that group.

My Story

When I was around the age of 15 I became fascinated with the paranormal, and found out I had friends that were equally interested as I was. I also had one friend in specific who was (still is) a spiritual medium. A spiritual medium is a person who has a special gift to see things beyond what the normal eye can see. I was definitely a huge skeptic and wanted to see the truth. He was heavily into Paganism at the time and the only thing I knew about religion was from my Catholic upbringing so some of the things we were doing felt slightly wrong. Like I shouldn’t have been messing around with the paranormal. My first realization that there might be something out there happened with this friend. We’ll call him Brad.

Brad instructed me to fall into a meditation, and with his help I became calm and collected. I was safe from the world and felt at peace. He told me to think about something I’m very passionate about. Being 15 years old with whacked out hormones, I began focusing on a girl I liked. Immediately as I placed a mental picture of her in my head, Brad reacted and asked what I was mediating on. Apparently he could see an energy that formed around the nape of my neck and traveled down my spine, which turned into various colors of energy. Keep in mind, when I looked around myself, I saw absolutely nothing. It must be a coincidence he reacted the moment the thought came to mind. We continued this “experiment” for the following 2 hours, every time I shifted powerful thoughts, he reacted at that very second. I was convinced.

Fast forward a year later to the age of 16, an age of false confidence and mistakes. I ditched my faith, got into some pretty bad things, and one day met up with Brad and we decided to break out the Ouija board. The room consisted of 5 others including myself. Four out of the five in the room were believers in the paranormal. One was a skeptic but turned into a believer within 10 minutes of starting.

Having never used a Ouija board before, I had no idea how it worked. Brad on the other hand knew exactly what he was doing and actually posted a picture of a pentagram on the wall to ward off any demonic entities if they tried to enter the room. Immediately Brad started asking questions like “is there any spirits in this room?” and “if so, please make yourself known, we mean you no harm.” Minutes turned into hours as time seemed to slow down with zero response on the Ouija, just dead silence with the 5 of us sitting around the board, hands still and nervous, waiting for a response. I then asked Brad “let me see if I can make this work.” Brad told me to keep my voice relaxed and sound as intimidating as possible. He explained to me that most spirits/ghosts/whatever can easily be scared by the living. We were about to come into contact with something that had no fear.

“My name is Nick and this is my first time trying to directly contact the unknown. If there is anything in this room let your presence be known now!” Brad didn’t like how I said now. Seconds later forgetting my hand was on the Ouija board, and our planchette (sliding object on a Ouija) darted across the board directly on top of yes. Chills shot down my spine and I looked up. Everyone could feel it. Something didn’t feel right. Brad was staring at me with a blank face. Did he see something the rest of us could not? I followed up by asking the spirit what my name was. Once again the planchette was moving fast, nothing sluggish about it. It spelled out N.I.C.K. in under 5 seconds. I then decided to take a step further. I wanted to see this thing, whatever it was. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I wanted to be 100% convinced, so I told the spirit just that. Then everything turned cold, the room dropped dramatically in temperature. At least 20 degrees. I stopped asking questions as my hand was shaking slightly on the board. I was scared, the others in the room were scared too. Brad looked the most distraught of the 5 of us. He was staring at me like he was possessed. I shot him a glance and asked him “What?!” very bluntly. He told me we had to stop, that there was a very negative force in the room and it was hugging my shoulders. All I could feel was the cold around my body, mostly my back and shoulders. The entity then started spelling out words on the board without any direction from us. It was trying to tell us something. It spelled out one word I’ll never forget. It spelled out DEMON perfectly, and what happened next will always haunt my memories. It sounded like a gush of wind and the candles flickered as if there was a strong breeze blowing in the room. The room we were in was completely closed and sealed off. At that very moment, our pentagram on the wall fell upside down in a counter clockwise motion facing straight down. Our session was over. We got up and scrambled out of the room. I swore to myself I’d never mess with the paranormal ever again.

The years passed and I blocked the memory of that night out of my head as best as I could. It wasn’t until I was 18 I’d have yet again another terrifying experience… Due to personal reasons, I do not feel comfortable sharing the other experience, maybe sometime in the future.

The Now

It’s been 2 years now since my last encounter with the paranormal and I’m actually really grateful for that. What I’ve experienced in the past is the past and I intended to keep it that way. As of late my curiosity has been rising but I have no intentions of using a Ouija board ever again. Shows like Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, and Ghost Hunters have really gotten my attention and I wondered what it would be like to actually investigate a supposedly haunted place, locked down for an entire night. Definitely creepy, even if you don’t believe in any of this. Being there experiencing it in person is completely different. All I have to say, is keep an open mind. You never know what you might encounter in your lifetime.


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