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Look Again: Laura Ivana

Look Again is a weekly blog where Kronedog takes various pictures and talks about them in detail to try and better understand the artists motives behind the image.

This is the first article of the series “Look Again” and I’ve decided to kick things off with this picture of a young woman named Laura Ivana. I’ve chosen this picture for several reasons. As of late I’ve had the pleasure of talking to this incredible woman, as well as her photographer to get a better understanding of how these images surfaced and became popularized on the internet.

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this portrait is obviously the girl in white and black. The artist has removed all blemishes from Laura’s face to the point where she looks flawless. The way the color of her faces complexion meets the carefully edited eyeliner is captivating to say the least. Her hair is slept to the side which offsets the background giving an illusion of the winter tree’s appearing more distant then they actually are.

The combination of a lot of white mixed in various shades of black is what truly brings this photo to life. Sure, a blank canvas in the background with Ms. Ivana alone would be amazing enough, but add in a background that compliments our girl and you have a beautiful work of art. One thing I cannot look away from on this image is the eyes. They’re almost piercing the way the artist altered them to better blend with the background.

The theme is obviously Winter in this photo. For a lot of us (especially northerners,) Winter can be a very tough time. Many fall to the cold and sickness that surrounds it. When the weather is constantly bringing you down, Winter becomes nothing but a cold burden on your shoulders. This image is a reminder that beauty lies in all forms of nature. Take time to take in the image to better appreciate it.

We overlook many things in life, so take a minute to look back, and appreciate the little things.


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