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Dark World Review

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I recently received this book as a gift from my sister for Christmas and to be honest, I got really into it. Dark World is a book all about the paranormal by Zak Bagans, the host of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. Zak has investigated hundreds of “haunted” places and for the first time, gives his personal account on these investigations.

When I first started reading this book, I was already a believer in the paranormal, but Zak really tries to get the reader to read, with an open mind. If you think about it, that makes sense. If you don’t believe in “ghosts” per-say, then whats the point of reading a book about the paranormal? It does seem though in certain parts that Zak really does try to get a skeptic/non-believer to look at this different world through his eyes, which makes sense. Who else would you take word from about the paranormal?

The Facts

The first big portion of the book talks about the many different types of haunting’s. These can range from orbs, ectoplasm, EVP’s, residual haunting’s, and even full body apparitions. If you’re new to the world of the paranormal, then this part of the book is for you. Zak goes into great detail about each haunting talking about what it is, why it’s believed to be haunted, and then his own personal experiences to top it off. Everything he notes in this book, Zak talks about his own experiences dealing with them.

Most Haunted

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in this book is how Zak describes in detail how he “feels” on these investigations. He makes the point obvious that what you see on TV is only half of the actual experience. When making contact with spirits, there are many ways the body can detect that entity. Usually the most prominent being the decrease in temperature. Spirits are said to draw energy around themselves to manifest themselves, talk to us, and even touch us. We know heat is in fact energy, so when spirits use this to draw energy the only thing left is the cold.

Ghost Adventure’s is most known for investigating some of the most haunted places in the world, and Zak for the first time goes to great lengths to explain these encounters, especially with demonic forces. One place that’s constantly mentioned is Bobby Mackey’s Music World in the state of Kentucky. Zak has investigated this place a total of three times and every investigation received powerful evidence that something demonic indeed haunts Bobby Mackey’s. This is also the place where Zak was scratched by something in the room, which was also caught on camera and is as clear as day. Coincidentally enough, Arch Bishop James Long received a stunningly familiar scratch on his hand while trying to contact a demon within Mackey’s Music World. If you read the book, you’ll learn much more about these specific haunting’s.


In the end I thoroughly enjoyed this book and not just because I’m a Ghost Adventures fan. I highly reccomend this to anybody whether they’re a believer, skeptic, or non believer. If you open your mind like Zak says, you can learn a lot about something we still don’t know a lot about as a race. The book is entertaining, not too long, and is straight to the point. Well worth it in the end.


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