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Kronedog Guitar Jamathon!

Kronedog Guitar Jamathon

Canon Rock – Mattrach Cover

Hello everyone, it’s been a bit but I’m not dead I swear. I’ve been busy with my new project “Kronedog Productions” which has been a lot of work so far but fun nonetheless. As you can see above, I just uploaded a new video on the official YouTube channel of some guitar jamming! I used to mention a few months ago my love for the instrument, so I thought it was time to start posting some videos. If you enjoy the video please like, comment, and subscribe! I’m trying to build my subscriber base but as anyone who’s ever gotten into YouTube’ing, getting a head start can be a bit challenging.

Aside from that, I’ve made the decision to begin actual blogging again. This blog has been up for about 5 months now, and I fell off from the almost daily posts, to weekly, to rarely ever posting at all. That changed today, so expect a brand new “Enlighten Me” article on Monday! If you’re interested in the weekly schedule for this blog, make sure to check out the About page which explains everything.

I’ll be posting the second video up on this post later today instead of making a full new post, so expect that soon! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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