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Kronedog – Crazy Train!

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment


Crazy Train! (Ozzy Guitar Cover)


This weeks new Guitar Cover video is now up on the official YouTube channel! Like, Comment, and Subscribe!! I’m also posting a new Vlog this week as well either tomorrow or the next day so keep an eye out for that as well!



Back in the Zone!

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Back in the Zone!


Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since my last post but I’ve made up for it with a lot of new content! All of that content I’m talking about is for my YouTube channel which is now officially:

So here’s the deal. The reason why I shut down Kronedog Productions was due to my decreasing interest in making gaming videos. As much as I love video games, music is my real passion in life and nothing can take its place. I’ve had so many people encourage me to actually put myself out there with my guitar/music so now I’m doing just that!

I’m currently working on a few projects for the YouTube channel including my own original songs, live cover videos of popular guitar heavy songs, and to top it off, free guitar lessons! I believe I have a very solid grip on the instrument and I want to help others achieve their goals now on guitar. The plan is to continue releasing a new video every week, so expect that! Next week I’m doing another cover video like the Canon Rock above, and also a Vlog.

I’m extremely excited about all of this and I’m motivated to put out the best quality videos possible and of course, blow your minds with some good ole rock guitar!!!!

I also want to make note that I won’t be blogging much anymore, at least on this blog. I do appreciate everyone who read and enjoyed my articles from the past 4-5 months. It means a lot to me since writing is another passion of mine. I’m really just using this blog to post updates until my official website goes up ( which I reserved a section of it’s own to continue where I left off from this blog. So that’s that. Hope you all enjoy the video above!


How it Began… Myself and the Paranormal

January 15, 2012 8 comments

How it Began…

Myself and the Paranormal

Every now and then Kronedog talks about past experiences from life or topics that don’t exactly meet the criteria of the blog’s different categories. This time Kronedog goes into detail about his “awakening” into the paranormal.

First things First

About a month ago, I posted an article here about one of my experiences with the Paranormal. I said I had another story I was not willing to discuss but I believe as an investigator myself, it’s time to put it all on the table. Everything, no more hiding in the dark. Too many people today are afraid to bring up their experiences due to many reasons. A couple of those include being called a liar, having no one to believe your story, or just want to forget it and move on.

The Story

Early 2010, I was visiting some old friends, having a good time, catching up with people, and overall just relaxing. My friend Ed also happened to have a Ouija board and coincidentally myself and a few others were talking about Ouija boards earlier that day. We decided to break the board out and put it to use. Ed was all for it and claimed he uses the board on a weekly basis and talks to a friendly spirit by the name of “Paul.”

There was a total of eight of us on the board when we began. The group included myself, Ed, three other girls, and three other guys. Everyone in the room minus the girls has had experience using Ouija boards. I just didn’t tell anyone my past experiences with them. I honestly didn’t want anyone to know. I was excited though to give it another shot with the hopes of something positive happening rather than the the opposite.

Ed started our Ouija session off by asking if there was any spirits in the room, which is typical when beginning a Ouija session. We then continued to try and communicate with anything and had no luck for the first 10-15 minutes. One of the girls asked if this was even real, and it was after she made that statement we were able to communicate with Paul.

“Paul, if you’re here with us, let us know,” said Ed. Our planchette (the moving piece on a Ouija)  then slowly inched its way to Yes on the board. As soon as that planchette started moving I felt chills run down my spine which is usually a good sign. I started feeling a bit giddy and then Ed asked if any other spirits were in the room and the response given was a definite “No.” So at this point it was clear we contacted something and others on the board started speaking up asking there own questions. The girls on the board seemed to really enjoy Paul’s presence but honestly, I had a hard time feeling anything out of the normal, at least physically. One of the girls Jessica, began an actual full on conversation with Paul. She asked him what her name was and it spelled out “Jesika.” Spirits are known to be bad spellers, so we pressed on. Paul told us things about Jessica that none of us knew like her fathers middle name. She did get a bit creeped out by it, but nonetheless everyone was in a good mood as well as Paul. We continued talking to Paul for a good half hour when things started taking a trip down hill.

A Demonic Presence

About 45 minutes into our Ouija session, I had a very vivid flashback to the last time I was on one of these boards, and I was recalling the negative events that occurred like when our Pagan Pentagram flipped upside down. I regained myself, and all was well again, everyone was still having fun with the Ouija and it seemed to us that nothing could go wrong. I wasn’t really paying attention to everything they were talking to Paul about, but it was when Ed raised his voice and told us to stop. He specifically said “This isn’t Paul we’re talking to anymore. Something doesn’t feel right.”

I had no idea what he meant by this, so Ed re-centered the planchette and asked “Who else is in this room right now?” All eight of our hands moved to the letter “A” then moved across every letter on the top row over to “M.” Then the planchette moved back to A, then back to M. Then it just stopped, no more movements while our hands were still gently touching the planchette. Jessica spoke up and asked what “AMAMAMA” meant. Ed told her it wasn’t supposed to spell anything out, it was a pattern, which are bad. He then asked what the spirits name was and the planchette began to move again. Only this time the pattern was moving side to side on the second row from N to Z. It was at this point when Ed explained to everyone that patterns usually mean there is a negative spirit in the room. While explaining to us about the possibility of a negative spirit in the room with no questions asked, the planchette literally raced to “Yes” on the board. I had to speak up now, since I was the only one in the room who had prior experience dealing with bad spirits. I was suddenly very energetic and wanted to know what we just contacted. I asked Ed if I could ask a few questions since we weren’t getting any real responses except patterns.

I gathered what courage I had and asked if it knew who I was. Our hands once again were moved to Yes very quickly. It was obvious no one on the board was pushing the planchette to make it move like that. We could literally feel a strong precense all around us. Jessica asked if the room got colder within the past 10 minutes and no one answered her. I didn’t even realize it until she said something about it. The room was without a doubt cold now, and didn’t feel like it did a half hour prior.

I then asked what my name was and our hands shot to N-I-C-K in a matter of seconds. It got my name right, and spelled it right, and there was absolutely no hesitation about it. “What are you and how do you know me?” I then asked. It then spelled out D-E-M when Ed stopped it from finishing. He told me to stop bullshitting around with this entity (Ed seemed really angry with me) and to tell it to leave. I asked if it would leave and it answered with Yes. We all felt a tad relieved at this, except myself. I wanted to know more, why was this spirit only responding to me? “Okay,” I said “Please leave the room now by moving our hands down to Goodbye.” Instead of being a good spirit and leaving us when asked, it simply answered Yes. After this, four others got off the board and said they were done. They were obviously scared, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shaking in my own boots.

When making contact with the paranormal (especially if it’s demonic) weird things can happen. Demonic entity’s are known to instill fear in the living by manipulating emotions. Usually this can only happen if the individual allows it too, but not always. There is no doubt in my mind that this entity was indeed demonic and also the same demon that visited me years before during my first Ouija session. I had to know more. I asked again how it knew me despite Ed becoming concerned with my mental well-being. Our hands moved down to the number 4 and I quickly responded by asking “years?!” It answered Yes and I then felt very off. The entity said four years, which was exactly the time from when I first became interested in the paranormal. I was scared, and I was vulnerable. I then got off the board and said I was done, I didn’t care that this “spirit” didn’t properly leave the room, I couldn’t deal with it anymore, and Ed knew this better than anyone. He stayed on the board and I remember him asking once again for the spirit to leave. It stopped responding.

I left the apartment with my friend John who was on the board the entire time with me. He told me to stop thinking about it, and that it’s okay. It wasn’t okay though. Something just told me it was demonic and had been following me for years. I was shaken up bad. I wanted so bad to put it off as untrue and wanted to believe so bad that the paranormal wasn’t real, that it was just us subconsciously moving the planchette. But how could we explain the dramatic drop in temperature, or the feeling of something in the room with us? It was what happened next that made me a 100% believer in the paranormal. When John and myself came back an hour later, to our surprise, everyone was back on the Ouija. I remember walking in and just staring at them in disbelief. They said when I left the room, they were able to communicate again with another spirit and the negative presence was gone… I told myself then and there I’d never mess with the paranormal again.

And Now?

It has been three years since that day and I put everything paranormal related behind me. Although something like that isn’t something you forget about. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the paranormal ever since I opened up that portal when I was 15, and yes I do believe Ouija boards to be portals to the spirit realm.

I hope this story is taken into consideration by other believers because I believe sharing paranormal experiences is a good thing. I’ve learned in only a short amount of time that people seem to be apprehensive when sharing things like this. This is due to many reasons including being thought as crazy among peers, a liar, weird, etc…

The spirit world is still something we do not know much about. There is actually very little if any hard science that proves it true. As I’ve stated above, I believe fully in it and I have made it my goal to go out and prove it. If you’re interested in the paranormal, or even a skeptic, check out my other website, 

With that, I hope you enjoyed my story. It’s a story I’ve only shared with a few people up until now and you can take it however you wish to perceive it.