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Kronedog – Crazy Train!

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment


Crazy Train! (Ozzy Guitar Cover)


This weeks new Guitar Cover video is now up on the official YouTube channel! Like, Comment, and Subscribe!! I’m also posting a new Vlog this week as well either tomorrow or the next day so keep an eye out for that as well!



Look Again: Laura Ivana re-visited

January 16, 2012 30 comments

Look Again

Laura Ivana re-visited

Look Again is a weekly blog where Kronedog takes various pictures and talks about them in detail to try and better understand the artists motives behind the image.


I originally started this weekly blog category on the 21st of December with the first photo being of Laura Ivana. Since then, I’ve had many requests to do another article on her other “infamous internet” photo’s and it’s time again to get right back into it. This week I’ve also decided to analyze more than one of these photo’s, hope you enjoy!

What Do You See?

My absolute favorite thing about these photo’s is probably the setting. When looking at any of these photo’s it’s easy to think Winter but lets go even further with that. If there was a background of a beach lets say, it wouldn’t give off the same vibe because it just doesn’t blend right. It’s obvious the artist here went to great trouble to give a cold yet bright mix blending in the winter background with Laura. Another thing I love about photo’s is you can’t always be for sure. Take for example the photo above. Laura is obviously looking at something, but what? This is where the imagination can come into play if you so desire. A photo can be different to each individual, it’s finding what makes it special to you.

This picture is a little different, the way the photo is angled, and how the background has been purposely blurred which makes the viewer focus on Laura subconsciously. This is a trick many artists use to better bring out the desired aspect of their photo’s. I can’t disagree though with the artist’s intentions because he was able to really bring out Laura’s face even with her hair covering half of it. Of course she’s posing but posing  can serve to be very beneficial. This photo seems to depict natural beauty over photoshop unlike the next photo.

What is the most captivating thing about this image? I’ll tell you. Her eyes. Everything about this photo has been re-touched to some extent. Most prominent would be Laura’s face. Every and any sign of blemishes has been removed and polished to re-create a very smooth face. The smooth face in contrast to the eyes is what really brings this picture out. The artist completely changed Laura’s eyes to the point where that color isn’t even natural but still piercing nonetheless. That is exactly what makes them captivating. It’s like staring at something so familiar yet not completely normal.

There is always more than meets the eye, especially in photo’s. Take time to look at each individual photo and come up with your own ideas on them. What does the picture tell you? What do you believe the artist’s motives were when working on them? Or maybe you can even find the flaws in each picture that the artist may have overlooked? Whatever it is, remember to “Look Again.”