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Kronedog Productions is LIVE

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Kronedog Productions is LIVE!

Its Begun

Well, to start, I want to thank the individuals who helped encourage me to go this route which is also something I’d like to one day make a career but we’ll see. What I’m talking about is Kronedog Productions. It’s something I came up with about a year ago but just never fully went through with. Since then I’ve tried many numerous business ventures and in the end, I knew my passion for gaming in general was the strongest. So with much ado, the time is now for Kronedog Productions!

What else besides your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is currently the only active source of content which will be including various gaming videos ranging from:

  • Commentary’s
  • Guides /Tutorials
  • Music Video Collaborations
  • V-logs
Aside from YouTube, the plan is to begin streaming gameplay via Twitch.TV/thekronedog . Livestreaming is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but the only thing holding me back is a decent computer to do so with. With all that, there’s one more thing. The website. I’ve also decided to host my own website which will be the main hub for all the content I put out including some other stuff which I’ve yet to announce. Expect quality, helpful information and entertainment. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback thus far!  I’ll link everything below that’s worth linking.
Kronedog Productions Website (coming soon)