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Back in the Zone!

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Back in the Zone!


Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since my last post but I’ve made up for it with a lot of new content! All of that content I’m talking about is for my YouTube channel which is now officially:

So here’s the deal. The reason why I shut down Kronedog Productions was due to my decreasing interest in making gaming videos. As much as I love video games, music is my real passion in life and nothing can take its place. I’ve had so many people encourage me to actually put myself out there with my guitar/music so now I’m doing just that!

I’m currently working on a few projects for the YouTube channel including my own original songs, live cover videos of popular guitar heavy songs, and to top it off, free guitar lessons! I believe I have a very solid grip on the instrument and I want to help others achieve their goals now on guitar. The plan is to continue releasing a new video every week, so expect that! Next week I’m doing another cover video like the Canon Rock above, and also a Vlog.

I’m extremely excited about all of this and I’m motivated to put out the best quality videos possible and of course, blow your minds with some good ole rock guitar!!!!

I also want to make note that I won’t be blogging much anymore, at least on this blog. I do appreciate everyone who read and enjoyed my articles from the past 4-5 months. It means a lot to me since writing is another passion of mine. I’m really just using this blog to post updates until my official website goes up ( which I reserved a section of it’s own to continue where I left off from this blog. So that’s that. Hope you all enjoy the video above!



Look Again: Laura Ivana re-visited

January 16, 2012 30 comments

Look Again

Laura Ivana re-visited

Look Again is a weekly blog where Kronedog takes various pictures and talks about them in detail to try and better understand the artists motives behind the image.


I originally started this weekly blog category on the 21st of December with the first photo being of Laura Ivana. Since then, I’ve had many requests to do another article on her other “infamous internet” photo’s and it’s time again to get right back into it. This week I’ve also decided to analyze more than one of these photo’s, hope you enjoy!

What Do You See?

My absolute favorite thing about these photo’s is probably the setting. When looking at any of these photo’s it’s easy to think Winter but lets go even further with that. If there was a background of a beach lets say, it wouldn’t give off the same vibe because it just doesn’t blend right. It’s obvious the artist here went to great trouble to give a cold yet bright mix blending in the winter background with Laura. Another thing I love about photo’s is you can’t always be for sure. Take for example the photo above. Laura is obviously looking at something, but what? This is where the imagination can come into play if you so desire. A photo can be different to each individual, it’s finding what makes it special to you.

This picture is a little different, the way the photo is angled, and how the background has been purposely blurred which makes the viewer focus on Laura subconsciously. This is a trick many artists use to better bring out the desired aspect of their photo’s. I can’t disagree though with the artist’s intentions because he was able to really bring out Laura’s face even with her hair covering half of it. Of course she’s posing but posing  can serve to be very beneficial. This photo seems to depict natural beauty over photoshop unlike the next photo.

What is the most captivating thing about this image? I’ll tell you. Her eyes. Everything about this photo has been re-touched to some extent. Most prominent would be Laura’s face. Every and any sign of blemishes has been removed and polished to re-create a very smooth face. The smooth face in contrast to the eyes is what really brings this picture out. The artist completely changed Laura’s eyes to the point where that color isn’t even natural but still piercing nonetheless. That is exactly what makes them captivating. It’s like staring at something so familiar yet not completely normal.

There is always more than meets the eye, especially in photo’s. Take time to look at each individual photo and come up with your own ideas on them. What does the picture tell you? What do you believe the artist’s motives were when working on them? Or maybe you can even find the flaws in each picture that the artist may have overlooked? Whatever it is, remember to “Look Again.”


Look Again: Firewater – Being Yourself

January 9, 2012 13 comments

Look Again

Firewater – Being Yourself

The Power of Photoshop

It’s hard to look at this picture and not think something like, whoa. The idea is simple, create an image where the elements take form to replicate another element. Obviously in this case that element is water, but what makes an image like this so captivating? I’ll tell you why, it’s not normal.

What’s Normal?

Anything that appears strange, not normal, or different can draw the attention of many people. As human beings, we strive to be unique, unlike any others (for the most part.) Being unique is what makes each and every individual shine. If you don’t believe you’re unique, think again. Everyone has different goals, aspirations, talents, physical appearance, voice… the list can go on.

Become You

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you WILL without a doubt go further in life if you just be yourself. It’s so easy to pretend and be fake to get what you want, but how does that reflect on you personally? I bring this topic up because when I was in High School as a teenager, I had horrible problems with being me. I was constantly trying to be someone I wasn’t. One week I wanted to be like Kurt Cobain, another week I wanted to be like Slash from GnR, and the pattern continued. It wasn’t until I realized this, and through many life lessons, became me. You know who you are and what you’re capable of more than anyone else. Don’t let others try to bring you down, follow your dreams and they just might come true.

This is important because if you don’t put yourself out there and express who you are, you can easily be viewed and judged by others as “just some guy/girl.” Is that what you want? For some, yes that’s exactly what they want so leave them be. If you’re someone who has something to share with the world (ex: specific talent, knowledge, information) don’t hold back! Pursue your dreams, and be proud of who you are because you know what? There’s not a single person on this planet that is exactly like you.


Enlighten Me: Dark World

January 8, 2012 3 comments

Enlighten Me

Dark World Review

Every week Kronedog talks about random topics expanding from real life experiences, book reviews, Q&A’s, Events, latest news, and discussion topics to get one thinking.

I recently received this book as a gift from my sister for Christmas and to be honest, I got really into it. Dark World is a book all about the paranormal by Zak Bagans, the host of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. Zak has investigated hundreds of “haunted” places and for the first time, gives his personal account on these investigations.

When I first started reading this book, I was already a believer in the paranormal, but Zak really tries to get the reader to read, with an open mind. If you think about it, that makes sense. If you don’t believe in “ghosts” per-say, then whats the point of reading a book about the paranormal? It does seem though in certain parts that Zak really does try to get a skeptic/non-believer to look at this different world through his eyes, which makes sense. Who else would you take word from about the paranormal?

The Facts

The first big portion of the book talks about the many different types of haunting’s. These can range from orbs, ectoplasm, EVP’s, residual haunting’s, and even full body apparitions. If you’re new to the world of the paranormal, then this part of the book is for you. Zak goes into great detail about each haunting talking about what it is, why it’s believed to be haunted, and then his own personal experiences to top it off. Everything he notes in this book, Zak talks about his own experiences dealing with them.

Most Haunted

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in this book is how Zak describes in detail how he “feels” on these investigations. He makes the point obvious that what you see on TV is only half of the actual experience. When making contact with spirits, there are many ways the body can detect that entity. Usually the most prominent being the decrease in temperature. Spirits are said to draw energy around themselves to manifest themselves, talk to us, and even touch us. We know heat is in fact energy, so when spirits use this to draw energy the only thing left is the cold.

Ghost Adventure’s is most known for investigating some of the most haunted places in the world, and Zak for the first time goes to great lengths to explain these encounters, especially with demonic forces. One place that’s constantly mentioned is Bobby Mackey’s Music World in the state of Kentucky. Zak has investigated this place a total of three times and every investigation received powerful evidence that something demonic indeed haunts Bobby Mackey’s. This is also the place where Zak was scratched by something in the room, which was also caught on camera and is as clear as day. Coincidentally enough, Arch Bishop James Long received a stunningly familiar scratch on his hand while trying to contact a demon within Mackey’s Music World. If you read the book, you’ll learn much more about these specific haunting’s.


In the end I thoroughly enjoyed this book and not just because I’m a Ghost Adventures fan. I highly reccomend this to anybody whether they’re a believer, skeptic, or non believer. If you open your mind like Zak says, you can learn a lot about something we still don’t know a lot about as a race. The book is entertaining, not too long, and is straight to the point. Well worth it in the end.


Look Again: The Ghost

January 4, 2012 4 comments

Look Again

The Ghost

Look Again is a weekly blog where Kronedog takes various pictures and talks about them in detail to try and better understand the artists motives behind the image.

First Thoughts

There is something very compelling and dark about this photo.  The first thing that captures the eye is the figure of a man that appears to be standing alone in the woods. The artist seems to have made it his goal to have the figure appear as a  full body apparition which is what made me want to go into detail. Looking at a photo like this makes me start questioning the why’s. Why is this man standing there? Why is it so dark? Does he belong here?

Full Body Apparitions

In the paranormal world, Full Body Apparitions are the holy grail for investigators. I’ve personally never experienced anything like this but if you’re open minded about this subject, curiosity is key. If spirits exist, by what means does it go about to show itself in a human form? It’s definitively something we do not yet understand, but I would love to find out one day. Typically, a spirit will only show itself for a specific reason, and on top of that needs a lot of energy to do so. This has been proven countless times by many paranormal investigators worldwide.

Other Ideas

Maybe this photo wasn’t meant to represent a ghost at all. Instead, it’s possible our fictional “apparition” is indeed a person. If that’s the case, I can only see loneliness in this picture. Or it’s entirely possible this indivual is lost and the setting of being alone in the woods better exemplifies that.

Your Thoughts?

What are your ideas and thoughts about this photo? Do you feel the same way I do, or does this picture bring an entirely different meaning? Whatever it may be, take a minute and breathe in this image mentally and give it some thought.


Enlighten Me: Law of Attraction

December 28, 2011 3 comments

Enlighten Me

Law of Attraction

Thoughts are Power

If you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction, I’ll explain it as best to my ability. The theory is simple, we attract everything into our lives, both positive and negative. The Law of Attraction  has been used for countless centuries by many successful individuals throughout history. This law has been called several different things in the past. Most popular nowadays is “The Secret” which is a book/movie released not too long ago which goes into great detail about the Law of Attraction, what it is, how it works, and how to implement it into your life.

Just like anything, when I first heard about this Secret, I was skeptical. I was basically told I can control every aspect of my life through thoughts. So I ran an experiment with a friend and imagined myself where I wanted to be in 4 months and within a week, changes were happening. New people entered into my life, and at first it was nothing but now I know they came into my life to not only help me further myself but instead made lifelong friendships. To me, having a strong friendship is a very powerful and everlasting thing.

Don’t focus on the negatives, because the law suggests that you will only attract more negative into your life. I’ll give a personal example. I’ve struggled with debt and it dominated my mind. So if the theory is true, I only brought more debt into my life. Which was exactly what happened. The interest rates kept inching upwards, and every time I came close to being debt free, another chunk of money was owed. When it became one of the soul focuses of my day, it affected me in everyday life. There was always that back thought of wanting to just get rid of this burden I created on myself. Little did I know, I only had to change my thoughts and focus and soon over time, the help came, and I was able to pay it off. This was actually very recent.

Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced this before…

Have you ever had that experience in life where you see someone who you haven’t seen in a very long time and coincidentally you were just thinking about them maybe a week before? Or maybe you had a specific song stuck in your head all day then out of nowhere you hear that song on the radio, at a party, or through other means and it totally shocks you and brightens your mood up. You are literally putting your thoughts into reality. Those are real examples of how the Law of Attraction works.

Just remember, even if you’re attracting what you want into your life, you still need to put in the effort. Life still takes work, sometimes the work being harder than other times. Either way, this “Secret” will open up the right opportunities you need to be successful. Don’t ignore  potential opportunism because you never know what it will lead to next.

Take a second to look back on your own life and put the pieces together. How were you mentally when certain things were happening in your life? Just some food for thought.


Where I’ve been mentally lately…

December 27, 2011 2 comments

This is a special article I’ve decided to blog about mainly because I honestly feel like sharing even more about my past experience with the paranormal, and how those experiences are now shaping my perspective on life on Earth.

My Stand

Ever since I wrote that article a few weeks ago on the paranormal, many things have been revealed to me. I’ve taken a stand to learn more about the spirit realm or whatever it is out there. I 100% believe there is more to this place of existence than just life and death. I believe there are other realms attached to ours, as time is infinite, always moving and not linear like many believe it to be. I’ve decided I want to go a step further and show people the truth. I have too many “ghost” stories and no evidence. I want to prove to the non-believers the truth. How am I going to do this? I’ll explain.

The Plan

I am going to provide my experiences going to supposedly haunted places and do my best to capture something, anything on camera, camcorder, or digital recorder. So in other words, paranormal investigating. I’m extremely drawn to it beyond anything else, and there must be a reason. As of now I am working on the details of the upcoming website I’ll be releasing where the theme is simple: An online Paranormal TV show. If you’re interested and in the Detroit Metro Area of Detroit, contact me.

What about the Blog?

I’m not going to stop blogging, just wanted to get that out there. I’m very happy with the current weekly articles I’vel got going, and if you were coming  here originally for Warcraft news I apologize on behalf of changing the entire websites content so drastically. I will continue to post about gaming since well, I am a gamer and I play alot! I did mention quitting World of Warcraft and that is true. I’ve just lost interest, what else can I say? But I do plan on getting SWTOR very soon and can’t wait. Other games I’m playing are Skyrim and MW3 and the PS3 and having a blast. So many great games coming out as of late.

Okay so there you have it, a basic summary of what’s to come. With the holidays finally coming to an end (New Years Eve then it’s over…) I’ll have much more time to update the blogs content and finally purchase the domain name. I don’t mean to make many excuses but, one of the biggest problems is I don’t exactly have a computer of my own. I’m “borrowing” from my brother and it can be a pain. Luckily I should have a new laptop soon, along with other neat equipment like night vision cameras.

A Thanks to Everyone

Lastly I just wanted to thank everyone who has come to this blog and read the articles. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and thats what keeps me motivated to keep going and now to the point in the creation of something that has endless possibilities. I’m extremely excited in the creation of this Paranormal online TV series. More to come. I’ll be creating a specific page here on the blog where I’ll update news on the websites development and my ghost hunting crew. With that, I’m out.