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Kronedog Productions on the way!

February 9, 2012 7 comments

Kronedog Productions

What is Kronedog Productions?

Kronedog Productions is something I came up with about a year ago but never went through with. When I orignally started this blog, it was a Warcraft blog but over time I strayed away from the gaming stuff into other areas I found interesting such as photography, writing about life topics and ways to better yourself. I then took another heavy influence and created The Ghost Den which lasted about a month unfortunately. Throughout the entire time of being away from the “gaming community” I felt lost in many ways venturing out into different themes and ideas.

I did a lot of brainstorming and collected my thoughts together to find the “constants” I love in life. It came out like this:

  1. Video Games
  2. Guitar / Music
  3. Writing
  4. The paranormal world
  5. Working out

Moving Forward

So with that being said, it’s time to go through with the original plan which was to share my love of video games with the world in a variety of ways. I’ve been playing games since I was very young and I’ve never really stopped playing them. This is what I’m going to be providing:

  • Gaming guides / tutorials
  • Up to date gaming news!
  • In-depth game reviews
  • Live streams ranging from Starcraft 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, MW3, and new releases!
  • Music Video gaming collaborations


So with a little patience, Kronedog Productions will be here soon. I’ll be posting a V-log soon on YouTube explaining in better detail of what I’m currently working on. My channel can be found at

Thanks again to everyone that has continued to positively encourage me to do what I love to do most. This blog won’t be ending due to everything I’ve stated above but I’ll definitely be changing some things up.




From what I’ve Gathered… Hour of Twilight is now!

December 3, 2011 Leave a comment

From What I’ve Gathered

The Hour of Twilight is now!

Every Saturday morning, Kronedog talks about the past week regarding World of Warcraft, new updates, whats going on in Azeroth, and other gaming news as well. If you missed out the past week, Kronedog has your back.

If you’re anyone who’s anyone you probably already know that patch 4.3 hit only a few days ago on the 29th. Hour of Twilight is here and Blizzard really went all out with this content patch. Here’s what good ole’ Blizz gave us :

  1. Raid Finder
  2. Dragon Soul Raid (LFR, Normal, and Heroic)
  3. Three new Heroic Dungeons (Well of Eternity, End Time, and Hour of Twilight)
  4. Transmogrification
  5. Void Storage
  6. Valor Changes
  7. Fangs of the Father
  8. New Darkmoon Faire

Yup, the count is high, but the content I assure you is quality. Shall we begin?

Raid Finder

The LFR system has been a controversial topic for Blizzard ever since the dungeon finder came out in patch 3.3 since people have been asking about it, although at the time there were no intentions for such a tool. Now the system has come to full fruition and players actually really like it. The reasoning behind this tool was to allow a greater number of players to experience the raid content. Take myself for example, I didn’t raid one bit in 4.2 and didn’t have any of the gear but a day into 4.3 I was in Dragon Soul doing just fine. Overall, it’s nice to have this in the game.

Dragon Soul Raid (LFR)

As I’ve not yet done normal DS, I can’t really comment. Although I have downed the first 4 bosses in the LFR [The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple] and I can first say this raid is very forgiving. I haven’t raided since January when tier 11 was still pretty ridiculous, so keep that in mind. The fights are easy but I’ll admit the mechanics are pretty sweet. If you haven’t done this yet and you’re at the minimum ilvl requirement, I strongly recommend trying the raid out. There’s definitely a ton of baddies in this system which isn’t a surprise. If you’re looking for a challenge go do normal Dragon Soul with your guild or a pug. It is puggable but keep in mind most want at least 7/7 FL or other HM experience to join the group.

New Heroic Dungeons

With the release of the patch, we were given three whole new dungeons. End Time, Well of Eternity, and Hour of Twilight. All three dungeons are of the same difficulty and require a minimum ilvl requirement of 353. So basically have full Zandalari gear and a piece of 4.2 valor and you’re probably more than ready. These dungeons didn’t prove as difficult as previous Cataclysm heroics did at their respective release. I remember Heroic Deadmines being much harder then these new dungeons but then again, that was when everyone was pretty much doing heroics in blues and maybe a few pieces of 359 epic gear.

Regardless of all that!; The new dungeons are great. They’re something new and the gear rewarded is pretty nice in its own rights. My personal favorite is Well of Eternity. Watching those demons of the burning legion march out of that portal in endless hordes, is something that should get your attention fast. It is just cool, very cool actually. Plus, you get to fight alongside Illidan. Who wouldn’t want to fight with Illidan?

Since I’m a WoW lore geek, I got really into these dungeons. I haven’t read the latest Cataclysm book “Aspect of the Twilights” but I think I may… very soon. After I finish reading Rise of the Horde 😀

Again, kudo’s to you Blizzard on the new dungeons. I know I sound like I’m praising Blizzard, I’m just genuinely excited about everything this patch offers compared to the rest of Cataclysm.


Transafication mog cation WHAT? Yup, Transmogrification is here my friends and we now disguise ourselves with gear from the past and look how you want to look while keeping your current gears stats. All you need is the gear, go to the Transmog npc in your respective capital city and boom!

There is a few catches though… First off, the gear has to be something that you could normally wear. For instance, a Death Knight cannot transmog himself to look like a clothie. Blizzard didn’t want that so they added restrictions. You cannot transmog Legendary items, nor any kind of Field Marshal gear unless you earned the Field Marshal Feat of Strength back in vanilla.

Transmogrification adds a lot of flavor to the game. Day one of 4.3 and I saw so many people at level 85 running around in old tier sets. It inspired me. I’ve been trying to get the full purple judgement set for my DK and have had no luck the past 30 days running it for the Legs and Shoulders. Soon enough though, soon enough! Oh and yes, I do want a Paladin look alike set for my DK! Only because it’s purple…

Void Storage

Void Storage is simple, just another way to store away mass amounts of collected gear. The prices can get a bit ridiculous if you try putting in a lot but I give props to the developers who implemented this into the game because seriously, we need more space. The game is seven years old now, people who have been playing since classic in no way can save all their gear.While yes, we do have the bank, the space is limited. Personally I feel Void Storage will become more useful down the road since it also goes hand in hand with Transmogfrication. Simply store all your sets in the Void Storage and you’re set.

Valor Changes

Once again, Valor has changed but only slightly. I don’t really want to go into full detail since it’s really just number based so here’s what Bashiok posted:

Changes coming in 4.3:

  • Looking for Dungeon — 150 VP per run, with a cap of seven runs per week. All Cataclysm heroic dungeons introduced in 4.0, 4.1, and 4.3, will provide 150 Valor per run.
  • Looking for Raid — 250 VP per run, with a cap of 500 per week. The 4.3 raid, Dragon Soul, will be split into two separate raids for the Raid Finder. While individual bosses do not drop Valor when using the Raid Finder, you will receive 250 Valor for completing each Dragon Soul raid. Each boss will only drop loot for you once per week, but you will continue to get the 250 Valor for completing each Raid Finder raid, up to the 500 cap.
  • 10 player raid boss — 100 VP. There are nine bosses per week, counting Baradin Hold.
  • 25 player raid boss — 100 VP. There are nine bosses per week, counting Baradin Hold.
  • Valor Points cap at 1000 per week.

Fangs of the Father

“They wanted to hold me, to keep watch over me – a prisoner in all but name. But I will NOT be held accountable for the sins of my father. My destiny will be my own.”– Wrathion, the Black Prince

Fangs of the Father… aka Rogues’ new Legendary daggers. Just like the last Legendary weapon, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, their is a quest line you must embark and build your daggers stronger and stronger until they become full power as Legendary daggers.

I don’t really have much to say on this except yay, more Legendary weapons that DK’s can’t use. I really shouldn’t complain since Shadowmourne is basically a Legendary for Death Knights. What I can say is I already know I’m going to hate Rogues so much this PVP coming up season. Many rogues including my brother already have the first set of the daggers and damn they’re strong! Not excited to get danced on by a Rogue using the Legendary ones. Well at least Rogues have something to be happy about right? Moving on.

New Darkmoon Faire

Step right up, don’t be afraid because the brand spankin’ new Darkmoon Faire has arrived! Join in on the festivities and you may even be rewarded kindly.

I’m glad they finally made a use out of the Darkmoon Faire. I mean yes, it’s always been around and had its purpose but lets be honest, who really cared? The guys up at Blizzard knew this and decided to do something about it and completely revamped the Darkmoon Faire. It’s still only once per month but now the Fairgrounds are on an uknown isle that you can get to by taking a port from an old Darkmoon Faire spot. Many new fun additions have been added along with gear and two new mounts. More stuff to farm… I haven’t experienced the new Faire for myself but coming in a couple days, I’m going to go all out like a spoiled little brat child 😀

In Conclusion

What are you waiting for? Log on and have some fun with patch 4.3. It may seem a little overwhelming at first with all the new features but it’s not that bad and you’ll adapt fast. It’s still a little weird seeing everyone running around in different gear I’ll be honest.

Blizzard did a great job with the Deathwing patch and I’m pretty sure it surprised quite a few people. I know this was a long post but c’mon, the patch isn’t even a week old. Things will get more interesting starting Tuesday with Heroic Dragon Soul opening up and also the start of Season 11 PVP! I’m going to be farming BG’s like its no ones business.

If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and let me know what your goals are for patch 4.3 if you have any. My goal is to reach a 2300 RBG rating on my Death Knight and honestly have as much fun as I can. Don’t forget Mists of Pandaria is only looming beyond the horizon.