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The Necrotic Plague: What set to Transmog into?

December 14, 2011 1 comment

 The Necrotic Plague

What set to Transmog into?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kronedog brings you The Necrotic Plague where the focus is Death Knight’s in current content. Always bringing you the latest DK updates, tips, and other DK related topics. 

If you’re like me then you’re also having a hard time finding what set to Transmog your Death Knight into. Or, you already found that perfect set. When Transmogrification was initially announced I started going for the purple Judgement set but now I’ve said, hey… no. I’m a DK not a Paladin. So as of late I’ve been trying to decide on which set to go for. With that, I’m also curious as to what set others like the most.

Below I’ve created a poll. Vote on your favorite Tier set and next week I’ll post the winning set here and talk about how to get every single piece of that set in the easiest way possible.

The Sets

Tier 7

Tier 8

Tier 9

Tier 10

Tier 11

Tier 12

Tier 13

So there you have, all of the DeathKnight tier sets. I purposely left out the PVP sets because they’re not exactly hard to get and usually the tier sets look cooler. Until next time.