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Upcoming Changes

December 10, 2011 2 comments

So normally around this time I’d be writing the latest Necrotic Plague but tonight’s a little different. I’m not slacking or anything but I honestly have a lot of work to do with the website itself. I’m also changing the schedule up a bit. Not only that, but the series is getting a name change to “Gladiator’s Desecration.”

First most, I’d like to inform everyone that I will no longer be posting Gladiator’s Desecration 3 times a week, and is now going to be a weekly article. To compensate, I’m adding in new articles series. Since I’m a lore geek , the newest series is going to be a Warcraft Lore archive. Every week I’ll be talking about different key characters from all of the lore. I can promise that it will be an interesting addition to the blog. On top of that, I’ve already started working on the Death Knight PVP guide which is one of the reasons things have been a bit behind schedule as of late.

One other reason for the changes is I need more time to work on other projects such as my YouTube channel which should be getting underway very soon. It’s also going to add more variety here at the Kronedog blog.

The New Schedule

  • Gladiator’s Desecration (Death Knight blog series) – Monday night
  • The Kronedog Report (podcast) – Tuesday night
  • From what I’ve Gathered (whats happened in WoW the past week) – Saturday morning
  • Enlighten Me (random non WoW related blogs) – Sunday night
*Weekly YouTube video’s coming soon
So as you can see, lots of good content coming your way as well as a couple guest writer articles coming later this month 😀 Thanks for reading and following the blog, now it’s time to go watch some Ghost Adventures, and hopefully some Shadowcleave later on the DK.